From the recording Survivors One And All

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The lyric was written by Joe Morales of NYC. After 17 days in hospital with covid-19, sometimes on a ventilator, he survived, was released and wrote this lyric as a thank you to the doctors, nurses, first responders who helped him. All proceeds from the sale of this song will be donated to first responders in the NYC area. Thank you!!


Survivors One And All

We cannot find the words
Don’t know where to start
This world has really changed
Our hearts are torn apart

Lives will be better soon
We try not to cry
There’s danger all around
But we refuse to die

Survivors one and all
I can breathe again
I’m out of isolation
Praise God and say “Amen”
We must keep our distance
This must be our call
We are all God’s children
Survivors one and all

Doctors and nurses help
You have done your best
You’ve exposed yourselves
For what you treat and test

How did all this happen
We are not afraid
Our prayers will help us live
The plans that we have made

We’re in this together
I am not alone
Please wait, I will return
My love, I will come home

J. Morales - R.W. Eydenberg
Blue Moon Mountain Music, BMI