From the recording Our Lady Of Grace


<p>I had to take a detour off of Highway 52</p>
<p>It brought me through a ghost town along Lakeview Avenue</p>
<p>No sign of a lake or pond whichever way I turned</p>
<p>They must have used the water up</p>
<p>The day the theatre burned</p>
<p>A cold one at Bud&rsquo;s Tavern can&rsquo;t be had at any price</p>
<p>The steeple at Saint Jude&rsquo;s is now a pigeon paradise</p>
<p>Stores and homes all boarded up</p>
<p>With weathered knotty pine</p>
<p>The town is a finished portrait of a long decline</p>
<p>But someone mows the grass</p>
<p>And trims the weeping willow tree</p>
<p>About a dozen graves or so</p>
<p>From another century</p>
<p>Strange how it&rsquo;s the only sign of life</p>
<p>In that place</p>
<p>In the little cemetery</p>
<p>At Our Lady Of Grace</p>
<p>On a gravel side road overgrown with grass and weeds</p>
<p>There&rsquo;s a store still advertising sacks of oats and seeds</p>
<p>&ldquo;Yes we&rsquo;re open&rdquo; reads an old sign crumbling in the sun</p>
<p>There must be a ghost inside whose work is never done</p>
<p>I got out of my car because the urge was very strong</p>
<p>To let the August sunshine cook my head a bit too long</p>
<p>Stretched out on porch swing in a semi-conscious haze</p>
<p>And heard the townsfolk telling me of the good ole days</p>