From the recording How Much You'd Love It Here


<p>When I first landed here</p>
<p>I thought I was on the moon</p>
<p>Miles and miles of empty space</p>
<p>Not like where I was from</p>
<p>A big sky overhead</p>
<p>Like an empty thought balloon</p>
<p>The perfect boring place</p>
<p>For getting used to feeling numb</p>
<p>With everything so strange</p>
<p>It&rsquo;s like stumbling in the dark</p>
<p>I can feel my way around</p>
<p>If I let go of you</p>
<p>I bought an empty house</p>
<p>Where you&rsquo;ll never leave your mark</p>
<p>And my life won&rsquo;t be bound</p>
<p>To any ghost that&rsquo;s passing through</p>
<p>Now I&rsquo;m on my favorite hillside</p>
<p>On a winter afternoon</p>
<p>Watching cottonwoods embrace</p>
<p>A falling crescent moon</p>
<p>The river&rsquo;s frozen over</p>
<p>It&rsquo;s a new trail for the deer</p>
<p>And all day long I&rsquo;ve thought about</p>
<p>How much you&rsquo;d love it here</p>
<p>I planned for this to be a smooth recovery</p>
<p>With no one always asking how I feel</p>
<p>With the same old broken heart</p>
<p>I guess that&rsquo;s not an easy way to heal</p>