Moon News Oct-Nov-Dec 2013

THE MOON NEWS For Songwriters Everywhere Issue 92 Oct-Nov-Dec 2013 Falling Down Again!! Hope everyone had a great summer, back to work, school, whatever it is you do. Fall is here, though as I write this am planning the beach for this beautiful weekend in September. Soon enough it’ll be COLD!! Oyyy and of course the holidays are right around the corner. Let’s see what you’ve been up to. ……………Got a note from DJ/Songwriter George LaFlame of Albion, NY who writes he will be off the air for a few months hoping to hook up with another internet radio station in 2014. He also has a new song released on Diamondback Records “Those Old 45’s”, cowritten with Jim Davis and recorded by Hearts Of Harmony. Check it out on Itunes or ………………..And speaking of George, he made a suggestion to me about the newsletter, to begin publishing lyrics t osongs that readers have written. So, with this issue I’ll take the first step and publish one of the songs I co-wrote and released on my second CD. Check out page 3. Send you lyrics to me with a description and credit information. WE’ll print it in the next issue. What should we do with these, shall people review thm? Your thoughts are welcome!! ……………………. Michael Cleveland and his band Flamekeeper out of Nashville TN was a featured performer at the IBMA World Of Bluegrass Festival in Raleigh, NC this September. Other dates planned this Fall as well. Check them out at their site …………………. Missouri native and Nashville living snger songwriter Kimberly Patrick has a new album/cd out entitled “Simple Life” featuring the single “The Truck”. CD was released on Lamon Records. Check it out at …………………..New songs recorded for Elijah Giddens of Roseboro, NC this time a country gospel song “All That Really Matters”. Good job Elijah……………….More songs also recorded for Norberto Salinas of Los Angeles, CA including titles “Good For The Exit Doors”, a bluesy country song, the folky “Yesterday Someone Dear” and Heart’s Diary” and the country style “All The Pretty Horses”. Good ones Norberto hope they’re big hits!! ……….. ………… Shawn Jones of Los Angeles, CA is sticking close to home with a bunch of shows in the So Cal area through the holidays including opening for Los Lobos at the Coach House in San Luis Obispo on January 14th, all in support of his new CD (out November 29th on Itunes) “Struggle Makes You Stronger”. Check him out at …………………..New songs also recorded for Rick Sponaugle of Alexandria, VA that include titles the clever holiday (sort of..) “Teasin’ Season”. Nice job Rick!!...............................New song also recorded for Bob Sciarretta of Vineland NJ this one entitled “Oh You Beautiful Sea”. Nice song Bob……..………..Don’t forget to enter the American Songwriter Magazine bi-monthly contest for lyric writers. More information at their website or by calling 615-321-6096. Great magazine as well folks!! Good luck!!!………… George LaFlame of Albion NY (again) sent along a copy of his newest single “Write Me A Country Song” co-written with Jim Davis. Song will be released on the Diamondback label, sung by Jim Davis and published by King Of The Road publishing. Song will be available for listening at soon. Good song gents!! …………………… Richie Owens of Nashville, TN and his band the Farm Bureau have a new album out “Dtory Songs Of Tennessee”. The CD is available everywhere CD’s and downloads are sold. Check it out!! ……………….Kevin Steele and his band the Mojo Gurus out of Tampa FL have released a new Christmas song entitled “Santa Won’t You Please Bring Me Some Beer”. The guys are hoping to spread a little holiday cheer with this one. It’s available from and you can check out their full CD’s (3 of them) there as well. Funny stuff guys……………… Note from Howard Vokes of New Kensington, PA, who continues to write and record, his newest CD album, produced with Skeets Martin, is entitled “Sadness And Happiness In Country And Gospel Songs”. Check it out at and you can find videos of his songs on You Tube. Check them out! ………………Miss Mary Ann and the Ragtime Ramblers of Amsterdam, Netherlands continue to rock out on the continent and they’re offering a Christmas special on their newest CD “Danger Movwed West” and t-shirts at only 10e each. Check it out ….. ……………New tune recorded for David Wood of Santa Monica, CA this one the country style “What’s That You’re Doing”. Dave reports that a song he wrote (and we recorded) “Santa Bring My Daddy” has been released and signed to a puvlishing deal. Good song Dave and keep it up!!...................And check out my website for info about our newest CD “Stories Your Momma Never Told You” We’ll be adding new shows, reviews and photos. If you are in or visiting the New England area check our schedule regularly and come on out and see us live. You can also find me on Facebook. Find us via Roger William. Our schedule is listed there under Events. Friend us!! Thanks everyone!!…………… Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday season, Merry Christmas and a very Happy and prosperous New Year to all of you!! Your business is MUCH appreciated!! Send any news, comments or your FREE ads to me at the address below. Share the newsletter with your friends! Chow for now! PLEASE CALL ME DIRECTLY (CELL) AT 401-864-8729! Classified Ads Need help with your lyrics? We can help! One time revision per lyric sheet only $25. Write to George LaFlame 14352 Northwood Dr, Apt 102 Albion, NY 14411 email me at Published lyric writer in search of people looking for just the right word. We can help with your lyrics. Contact Ray Withrow, 850 Ben’s Lane, Huffman, TX 77336 phone 832-482-7039 Ernie Mindel CD’s for sale, “Whispers In The Wind”, 11 orginal songs, “In My Home” , 10 original gospel songs, “Just Plain Country”, 10 old time standards. $10 ea or 3 for $25 includes postage. Write to: Ernie Mindel, 3175 Jensen Rd, Petoskey, MI 49770 I want my lyrics put to music, country style preferred. I’m versatile, with many to choose from. I’ll pay a reasonable amount of any costs. Write to R. Sponaugle, 8006 Hammond, Alex VA, 22309 Looking for composer to put my lyrics to music, country styles preferred. Write to Joe Morales PO Box 46, Stuyvesant Station, NYC, NY 10009 or email at I am looking for someone to work with perfecting my songs. You must have the ability to rhyme, arrange, good imagination, brilliant vocals, humorous and heartfelt. Jot me a line, we will work together. Send letters to: Vivian Vetter 673 Santa Rosa St Apt B, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 CD “Sports Songs And Beyond” recorded by Phil Coley, produced by King Of The Road Music. Includes the song “Johnny Silver” by Joe Pickering and George LaFlame. Purchase this CD at or write to Joe Pickering Jr at King Of The Road Music, 13 Pond Road, Bangor, ME 04401 If you know someone who is hook on whiskey or beer, my 3 songs may be just the thing they need to set them from drinking. In my songs they are crying out for Jesus to help and the songs end up with them being saved. Send $5 to Elijah Giddens 110 Payton Daniels Rd, Roseboro, NC 28382 Join the Massachusetts Country Music Association. This is your opportunity to get noticed. Yearly awards banquet, jamborees. Dues are $15 per year. Write MCMAA PO Box 2066, Abington, MA 02351 Attn: Ron Hill- President Book for sale “Nan T’s Poetry” only $5 to Nan Tebrinke, 405 East Hammond Street, Red Oak, Iowa, 51566 If you like traditional country music this cassette is for you. Send $5 to JD Sunderland 3068 Marion Waldo Rd #176, Marion, OH 43302. Immediate delivery PLEASE LISTEN TO NBRN. FM MON. / FRI. 9-10 AM KEITH BRADFORD MON. / FRI. 4 - 6 MIKE BRADFORD TIMES ARE CENTRAL STANDARD. Buy Jerry Bauguess’ new country CD “I’m Country”. 11 original songs or his first CD “Miles From Nowhere”, both for $20 or $10 each includes shipping. Send to Jerry Bauguess, 539 Old Railroad Rd, Thurmond, NC, 28683 or email Jerry at Rogersongs Demos .. Da Best In Da Bidness!! Songs and DVD videos needed for radio and TV exposure. Send your CD’s and DVD only video performances to Rev. Bud Rose PO Box 366, Sycamore, OH 44882 Songwriter- composer looking for lyricist to co-write country pop, MOR and gospel. Must have great hooks!! Write Ty Tiner 413 North Oak St, Hohenwald, TN 38462 YOU – the gospel recording artist whether male or female, it would be wise you contact Bob Rose of 113 Berkeley Drive, CharlesTown, WV 25414. Doing such you will be gifted with gospel writings that you will really go for Books of original poetry, a variety of poems of love and inspiration. A 48-page book, written by Ludema Garza, including pictures and a brief summary about the artist. Send $10 to Ludema Garza 213 Brown St, Elkton, MD 21921 Songwriter–lyricist willing to co-write with other writers. My CD’s available for $7 each. Write to Glenn D Evans 148 Hays St, Pea Ridge, AR 72751 or email or My writing can be seen at or and look for songcrafter Songwriter – performer looking for collaborator. Write to JD Sanders 25056 61st Street, Dowagiac, MI 49047 or call 616-782-0355 Lyric writer seeking someone to collaborate on musical creations on a 50/40 basis. Mostly country some gospel as well. Write to Larry Miller 4400 NW 39th Ave #114, Gainsville, FL 32606 You can watch 5 of our country music videos by going to The Millers, Roberta and Roger Glenn Miller 10 Reardon Dr Middlestown, RI 02842 Christian/country songwriter with 2 CDs for sale $12 each. Traditional, bluegrass, christian /country, rockabilly are some of the styles. To purchase contact Ray Withrow at “The All Around “ newsletter for aspiring singers and songwriters will be back in circulation soon. Send 8 stamps if interested. Send to Michael Allen Greer 63 Evans Street Uniontown, PA 15401 ROGERSONGS! Da best in da demo bidness!! Demo’s of your song from only $89!! Call or write for more info And YES we do accept Mastercard and Visa through Paypal 401-864-8729 Lyricists Corner As mentioned on page 1, we’ll keep this up for a few issues to see what sort of response we get. Thanks George for the suggestion! If you want to publisher your lyric here, send it along to me via snail mail or email. We’ll pick the best and publish it here. This is a lyric from our last CD “Stories Your Momma Never Told You”. The lyric was written by Mark Travers of Decorah, Iowa. Mark is a very talented writer, and wrote most of the lyrics on the CD. This is the opening track on the CD. Your comments are welcome. MY LADDER GOES TO HEAVEN Lord almighty, I have sinned Knocked over by a strong ill wind But like I never thought it could This one blew a lot of good A demon sat down on my bed Held my hand and sweetly said “Do you still remember how To reach for what you need right now” Lord forgive my tired eyes They couldn’t see through her disguise “Cause she was lookin’ mighty fine And when we kissed it felt divine Chorus I thought she was an angel One of the chosen few Wherever she might take me I knew I’d love the view I was feeling old When she said “the night is young My ladder goes to heaven Let’s get off the bottom ring” Yeah, I was feeling old When she said “the night is young. My ladder goes to heaven Let’s get off the bottom rung” We didn’t make a holy climb But we sure had a real good time But now I look in my soul and see A fire where there shouldn’t be Could be the spirit, could be hell You know sometimes it’s hard to tell I’ll have to let it burn a while To see if it still makes me smile I wonder if a pretty face Could always make me fall from grace Please put me though this test again Until forever, Lord, amen Chorus Words and Music by Mark Travers and Roger Eydenberg Blue Moon Mountain Publishing, BMI If you’d like your song poem (published and recorded ONLY please) send them along with some background information (writers, release dates, label, etc) and we’ll place it here for all to read. Comments are welcome!! More Classified Ads…… If you need country or Christian songs for whatever reason, I have them. Contact Charles Mathers at Hear some great country, pop, christian with free downloads at Michael Allen Greer has a wide selection of cassettes and CD’s for sale that he’s recorded over the years. For more information write to: Michael Allen Greer 63 Evans Street, Uniontown, PA 15401 Wendell Austin has a new CD out “Gospel Fire” twenty songs, absolutely FREE. Contact FFC at -949-970-9883. All CD’s “Extraodinaire” $8, “Extraodinaire II” $8, “Lost In Signs”, “Stunt Rock”, “Fusion 1216”, “Ken Jackson Blues” “Got A Issue? Get A Tissue” $5 each. DVD “Party With Ken” $10. Includes FREE S&H to Ken Jackson, 755 Braxton Place Apt B303, Madison, WI 53715 You can check me out on You Tube Alternative Country Volume #6 CD a 20 song CD with .25 of each sale going to the Rosine Assoc. Only $10. Order from Roger Glenn Miller 10 Reardon Drive, Middletown RI 02842 Free Moon News Discounted printing quotes. Great prices on CD inserts, posters, gig flyers, whatever your printing needs. I can help with art design, if needed. All items shipped UPS ground. Contact Kent at A2Z Color Printing @ 831-659-7100 or email Visit our website Reach us at: Rogersongs – Blue Moon Records 735 Victory Hwy North Smithfield, RI 02896 401-864-8729

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