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You're Just In Love

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Roger William
Denise Toth and Roger


Denise and I actually wrote this track back in 1995. "Rediscovered" it this year and decided to re-record it for release. Hope you like it.




I can’t truly see

What’s wrong with me

But then again

My heart keeps telling


I can’t even eat

I toss and turn when I sleep

Hear that voice

Inside of me



You’re just in love 

Wanting it to be

Holding you close to me

It’s nothing to be ashamed of 

It’s a gift from up above

You’re just

You’re just in love


I don’t hear what others say

I think of you night and day

See your face in all I’m doing

But I can’t say a word

If my thoughts were ever heard

Baby I’m the only one 

I’m fooling




It’s something I have to face

Without showing any trace

That, I’m the one

In love

Wouldn’t it be nice

If I could give you

Some advice

Just tell me

You’re just, you’re just in love

You’re just, you’re just in love

You’re just, you’re just in love




Written by Denise Toth and R.W. Eydenberg