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When I Reach Cloud Twelve

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Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg


Cloud Nine is now history

I’ve made it up to Ten

Eleven glides right next to me

And wonders where I’ve been

I say I’ve been wasting time

A hundred miles below

And I believe this daring climb

Is more the way to go


Then I think of Emily

I miss her smiling face

I don’t think she’d follow me

To such a lonely place

Somehow she’ll still see me though

Above her lazy town

And if she calls, next thing I know

I’ll want to go back down


But that would be a long distance call

I think I’d survive the fall


So when I reach Cloud Twelve

I’ll ask if anyone has found

A way to come back down to Earth

And stay above the ground


This is such a gorgeous view

I’m scared of going back

And all the other clouds I knew

Surrounded me in black

But I know Emily prefers

To stay out of the sky

And if I hear that voice of hers

I’ll hate to say goodbye