Roger William

Music and Lyrics

Until I Dream Of Juniper

Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg




“Hello my name is Juniper”, she said to me

I made some dumb remark about her family tree

Then said “You come here often?”

And she whispered in my ear

“If you mean the Earth, well, no.

I’m almost never here”.


I figured she was joking, so I played along

Insisting that she tell me everywhere she’d gone

She said “You’ll get no answers

Till you get the questions right

I think you should want to know

Where I’ll take you tonight.”


So we gave up on the worthless conversation

And took a flight through her imagination

Now my only true ambition

Is to get some sleep today

Until I dream of Juniper

I’m useless anyway.


She shows me every hidden room and secret door

And constellations no one else has seen before

It feels like I’ve been rescued

Or I’m being led astray

It don’t matter much to me

I need her either way.