Roger William

Music and Lyrics

This Time

Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg




I think somehow we’ve always been related

Through blood or love, but surely nothing less

We’re Bonnie and Clyde reincarnated

That would have to be my perfect guess

This time, let’s not make another mess


If history’s our script, we can ignore it

Except the part where I have you to hold

A day’s not condemned by those before it

No need to rush headlong to the cold

This time, let’s have fun just growing old



I know we’ll find ourselves in danger now and then

We never learn enough from our mistakes

We’ll be okay when we make the same ones again

If loves keeps all the promises it makes


I know the world’s already got you feeling

Like we could use a peaceful holiday

So let’s count the time we’ve been stealing

And see how far it takes us from today

This time, let’s give love a longer stay