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Roger William
Roger William




Late last night my phone rang

Long distance Mozambique

A soft voice said “Remember me”

Stunned I heard her speak

She asked how I was doing

I said everything was fine

A brown skinned beauty from my past

Electrified the line


Her laugh was like a tinkling bell

Hair was midnight black

Five years passes quickly

Everything’s now coming back

I’ll send your children’s pictures

A half the world away

You’ve twins a boy and a girl

Wanna meet their dad someday


She came from Madagascar

Crossed the channel in a boat

Which leaked and had a ragged sail

Barely stayed afloat

We met in Nova Mambone

Where she worked in a hotel

Every night she slipped in my room

Saw the sun come up as well


The world ain’t such a small place

Neither is it black or white

It’s filledd with lots of good folks

Sometimes doing right

Payback can be lovely

So my friend you decide

The road of life can sometimes be

A real surprising ride


One day I’ll have them with me

Saving for it now

Both the kids look just like me

And momma too somehow

God gave me her address

I get letter once a week

From momma and the kids

Way down south in Mozambique


Written by David Gault and Roger William Eydenberg