Roger William

Music and Lyrics

Go Toward The Fight

Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg




I met a ghost in Gettysburg

Beside a graveyard gate

Some kid who crashed his Harley there

Back in 1968


A peacenik stuck in limbo

Where the battle never ends

With a bunch of homesick soldier boys

That he now calls his friends


He paid no mind to uniforms

The faded blue or gray

He knew the urge for spilling blood

Had been spirited away


But they’re all slaves to habit

And when the phantom cannons roar

The walk the path that leads them to

A replay of the war



I told them they should all just fly away

Float their souls up to a brilliant light

They said it’s much too steep a climb

For anyone from anytime

When all they’re told is, go toward the fight


He said it’s a disturbing scene

When one of them appears

To any laughing tourist group

Buying plastic souvenirs


A few may run in terror

Or they bow their heads and grieve

While the rest decide a trick of light

Won’t change what they believe