Roger William

Music and Lyrics

Big Dogs

Roger William
David Gault - Roger William Eydenberg




My old lady got a shapely leg, also a roving eye

Her perfume is a magnet for a two timing kinda guy

When she goes honky tonkin’

Comes home with the cows

You’re gonna hear some barkin’

With a cats meow


I work hard eight days a week

Trying to keep us afloat

My sweetheart tries to sink us

Choppin’ holes in the bottom of the boat

She’s just like a werewolf

Comes the moon starts to howl

Raisin’ the fur on her daddy’s neck

Making this old dog growl



I never was no angel

Can’t call myself a saint

But a cheatin’ drinkin’ rascal

Is something that I ain’t

If you like playing with fire

Jump the fence in my backyard

I’ll tear a piece right outta your butt

Big dogs, bite hard


My Cadillac is forty years old

My sweetie pie’s thirty-five

When I’m in the drivers seat

I’m the happiest man alive

She can tell all her boyfriends

If they want to come to grief

The pickle in the backyard has a lovely set of teeth



Big dogs, bite hard

Big dogs, bite hard