Roger William

Music and Lyrics

A Spendid Time

Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg


Our tribute to the Beatles




I used my time machine to chase a timeless frequency

And rode it to the Reeperbahn in Hamburg Germany

October1960, thinking it’ll be so cool

To walk into a club and see the bands from Liverpool


I found the Kaiserkeller just by following the noise

The pounding beat of music, and the rowdy German boys

When Rory Storm went on a break the other band came on

Back then it was Stu and Pete with George, Paul and John


Even then the lads were good at stirring up a scene

The girls went wild when John was singing “Sweet Little Sixteen”


The drummer from the Hurricanes was sitting on my right

I asked him why they’d come so far to play there every night

He said they’d go ‘bout anywhere to get a paying gig

And who knew? Maybe one day some of them would make it big


I raised my glass to him and said “I know that you’ll go far.

If someone else is Best, you’re still the one to be a star”.


Early in he morning in that gangster neighborhood

I met George, Paul and John and told them, “Hey, you boys are good!

But wearing all that leather makes you look like two bit thugs”.

When I suggested love beads they said I must be on drugs.


I thought of dropping hints about the winding road ahead

I let them go on laughing down the Reeperbahn instead