Roger William

Music and Lyrics

You Get to Me

by Roger William

Released 2019
Blue Moon
Released 2019
Blue Moon
A fun upbeat reggae tinge pop tune. Enjoy!!
New song co-written with Joe Morales of New York City, "You Get To Me" is a reggae tinged pop song.

My Goodbye Song

by Roger William

Released 2019
Blue Moon
Released 2019
Blue Moon
Old school country ballad of lost love.
co - written with Joe Morales of NYC!

This Heart of Mine

by Roger William

Released 2019
Blue Moon
Released 2019
Blue Moon
Latin flavored adult contemporary pop song in the style of Michael Buble or James Taylor
An upbeat latin flavored adult contemporary pop song in the style of Michael Buble or James Taylor. Co written with Joe Morales of New York City.

Black And White

by Roger William

Released 2004
Blue Moon
Released 2004
Blue Moon
Electric folk music with a bit of the blues
  • 03:56 Download If Jesus Came To Town
  • 03:51 Download Buzzcat (Sweet Sue)
  • 04:54 Betty Lou Bones
  • 03:29 Buster
  • 03:53 Shoeshine Joe
  • 04:07 Download Lyrics Mozambique



    Late last night my phone rang

    Long distance Mozambique

    A soft voice said “Remember me”

    Stunned I heard her speak

    She asked how I was doing

    I said everything was fine

    A brown skinned beauty from my past

    Electrified the line


    Her laugh was like a tinkling bell

    Hair was midnight black

    Five years passes quickly

    Everything’s now coming back

    I’ll send your children’s pictures

    A half the world away

    You’ve twins a boy and a girl

    Wanna meet their dad someday


    She came from Madagascar

    Crossed the channel in a boat

    Which leaked and had a ragged sail

    Barely stayed afloat

    We met in Nova Mambone

    Where she worked in a hotel

    Every night she slipped in my room

    Saw the sun come up as well


    The world ain’t such a small place

    Neither is it black or white

    It’s filledd with lots of good folks

    Sometimes doing right

    Payback can be lovely

    So my friend you decide

    The road of life can sometimes be

    A real surprising ride


    One day I’ll have them with me

    Saving for it now

    Both the kids look just like me

    And momma too somehow

    God gave me her address

    I get letter once a week

    From momma and the kids

    Way down south in Mozambique


    Written by David Gault and Roger William Eydenberg

  • 04:34 Evangelline
  • 03:33 Clinker Bill
  • 03:21 Nursery Rhymes
  • 04:36 Download Ballad Of The Tin Man
  • 04:48 Devil's Own Son
  • 02:53 Granny Grunt
Our Debut CD contains 12 great songs with vivid and alive characters in and electric folk style.
Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg




Lord almighty, I have sinned

Knocked over by a strong ill wind

But like I never thought it could

This one blew a lot of good


A demon sat down on my bed

Held my hand and sweetly said

“Do you still remember how

To reach for what you need right now”


Lord forgive my tired eyes

They couldn’t see through her disguise

“Cause she was lookin’ mighty fine

And when we kissed it felt divine



I thought she was an angel

One of the chosen few

Wherever she might take me

I knew I’d love the view

I was feeling old

When she said “the night is young

My ladder goes to heaven

Let’s get off the bottom rung”

Yeah, I was feeling old

When she said “the night is young.

My ladder goes to heaven

Let’s get off the bottom rung”


We didn’t make a holy climb

But we sure had a real good time

But now I look in my soul and see

A fire where there shouldn’t be


Could be the spirit, could be hell

You know sometimes it’s hard to tell

I’ll have to let it burn a while

To see if it still makes me smile


I wonder if a pretty face

Could always make me fall from grace

Please put me though this test again

Until forever, Lord, amen



Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg




I had to take a detour off of Highway 52

It brought me through a ghost town along Lakeview Avenue

No sign of a lake or pond whichever way I turned

They must have used the water up

The day the theatre burned


A cold one at Bud’s Tavern can’t be had at any price

The steeple at Saint Jude’s is now a pigeon paradise

Stores and homes all boarded up

With weathered knotty pine

The town is a finished portrait of a long decline



But someone mows the grass

And trims the weeping willow tree

About a dozen graves or so

From another century

Strange how it’s the only sign of life

In that place

In the little cemetery

At Our Lady Of Grace


On a gravel side road overgrown with grass and weeds

There’s a store still advertising sacks of oats and seeds

“Yes we’re open” reads an old sign crumbling in the sun

There must be a ghost inside whose work is never done




I got out of my car because the urge was very strong

To let the August sunshine cook my head a bit too long

Stretched out on porch swing in a semi-conscious haze

And heard the townsfolk telling me of the good ole days



Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg




Aunt Joan has a twelve foot crucifix on her front lawn

She claims all the Christian souls she knew are dead and gone

Her own son is a Buddha lover living chant to chant

She says she forgives him but she knows the good lord can’t


Robbie went to Ink Extremes about a month ago

Got himself a tattoo on his heel where it won’t show

A tiny cross and words that say keep walking with me lord

He says it’s pretty lame but it’s the best that he can afford



But in my family

I’m the crazy one

A black sheep brother

And a lazy son

A dreamer sleeping through his wakeup call

And they’re scared to see someone like me

Can love them all


Bill dined at Lord Jasper’s Court to try the gourmet fare

Paid 300 dollars and was told what not to wear

It’s worth the tiny portions and a night beyond his means

To be apart from slobs like me in flannel shirts and jeans




I could go on naming names

But what’s the sense

They don’t like me having fun

At their expense

But I’ll keep on singing

Don’t count me out just yet

Someday I might be famous

For the things I just don’t get



Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg




When I first landed here

I thought I was on the moon

Miles and miles of empty space

Not like where I was from

A big sky overhead

Like an empty thought balloon

The perfect boring place

For getting used to feeling numb


With everything so strange

It’s like stumbling in the dark

I can feel my way around

If I let go of you

I bought an empty house

Where you’ll never leave your mark

And my life won’t be bound

To any ghost that’s passing through



Now I’m on my favorite hillside

On a winter afternoon

Watching cottonwoods embrace

A falling crescent moon

The river’s frozen over

It’s a new trail for the deer

And all day long I’ve thought about

How much you’d love it here


I planned for this to be a smooth recovery

With no one always asking how I feel

With the same old broken heart

I guess that’s not an easy way to heal



Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg


Our tribute to the Beatles




I used my time machine to chase a timeless frequency

And rode it to the Reeperbahn in Hamburg Germany

October1960, thinking it’ll be so cool

To walk into a club and see the bands from Liverpool


I found the Kaiserkeller just by following the noise

The pounding beat of music, and the rowdy German boys

When Rory Storm went on a break the other band came on

Back then it was Stu and Pete with George, Paul and John


Even then the lads were good at stirring up a scene

The girls went wild when John was singing “Sweet Little Sixteen”


The drummer from the Hurricanes was sitting on my right

I asked him why they’d come so far to play there every night

He said they’d go ‘bout anywhere to get a paying gig

And who knew? Maybe one day some of them would make it big


I raised my glass to him and said “I know that you’ll go far.

If someone else is Best, you’re still the one to be a star”.


Early in he morning in that gangster neighborhood

I met George, Paul and John and told them, “Hey, you boys are good!

But wearing all that leather makes you look like two bit thugs”.

When I suggested love beads they said I must be on drugs.


I thought of dropping hints about the winding road ahead

I let them go on laughing down the Reeperbahn instead


Roger William
David Gault - Roger William Eydenberg


Dad always liked to dress up and be the life of the party. If he could have gotten away with it, he probably would have danced naked. Mom WOULD have cut his you know what off!!


Daddy’s Dancing Topless


Daddy’s dancing topless

At the all night male revue

The PTA phoned Momma up

Asked if this was true

Our minister informed us

Made one thing very clear

We’d been kicked out of the running

For family of the year


No one cared about our drinking

Fist fights and raising hell

But this time you’ve gone and done it

Rang the warning bell

Dad’s just another Gypsy Rose Lee

Putting on his show

Shaking his booty to the whistles

While the lights are turned down low



Daddy’s dancing topless once again

Wearing a wig and not much else

Showing lots of skin

The ladies all go crazy

When Daddy hits the stage

Daddy’s dancing topless

He never acts his age


Every night is ladies night

They always get in free

Beer is just one dollar

The price is usually three

Jukebox turned up extra loud

Just ask for your request

Dad can do the Harlem shuffle

But it’s lap dancing he loves best




He wears a big sized G-string

When he’s strutting on the floor

The ladies stuff it full of dollars

And phone numbers by the score

Momma told him flat out

I am still your wife

And I’ll cut your you know what off

If I have to with my knife




If you’re into working evenings

And like to mingle with a crowd

Really to go-go

When the music’s turned up loud

Save the last dance for your momma

It’s the Christian thing to do

Join Daddy out there dancing

At the all night male revue




           Words and Music by

David Gault and Roger Eydenberg

Roger William
David Gault - Roger William Eydenberg




My old lady got a shapely leg, also a roving eye

Her perfume is a magnet for a two timing kinda guy

When she goes honky tonkin’

Comes home with the cows

You’re gonna hear some barkin’

With a cats meow


I work hard eight days a week

Trying to keep us afloat

My sweetheart tries to sink us

Choppin’ holes in the bottom of the boat

She’s just like a werewolf

Comes the moon starts to howl

Raisin’ the fur on her daddy’s neck

Making this old dog growl



I never was no angel

Can’t call myself a saint

But a cheatin’ drinkin’ rascal

Is something that I ain’t

If you like playing with fire

Jump the fence in my backyard

I’ll tear a piece right outta your butt

Big dogs, bite hard


My Cadillac is forty years old

My sweetie pie’s thirty-five

When I’m in the drivers seat

I’m the happiest man alive

She can tell all her boyfriends

If they want to come to grief

The pickle in the backyard has a lovely set of teeth



Big dogs, bite hard

Big dogs, bite hard

Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg


Cloud Nine is now history

I’ve made it up to Ten

Eleven glides right next to me

And wonders where I’ve been

I say I’ve been wasting time

A hundred miles below

And I believe this daring climb

Is more the way to go


Then I think of Emily

I miss her smiling face

I don’t think she’d follow me

To such a lonely place

Somehow she’ll still see me though

Above her lazy town

And if she calls, next thing I know

I’ll want to go back down


But that would be a long distance call

I think I’d survive the fall


So when I reach Cloud Twelve

I’ll ask if anyone has found

A way to come back down to Earth

And stay above the ground


This is such a gorgeous view

I’m scared of going back

And all the other clouds I knew

Surrounded me in black

But I know Emily prefers

To stay out of the sky

And if I hear that voice of hers

I’ll hate to say goodbye



Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg




“Hello my name is Juniper”, she said to me

I made some dumb remark about her family tree

Then said “You come here often?”

And she whispered in my ear

“If you mean the Earth, well, no.

I’m almost never here”.


I figured she was joking, so I played along

Insisting that she tell me everywhere she’d gone

She said “You’ll get no answers

Till you get the questions right

I think you should want to know

Where I’ll take you tonight.”


So we gave up on the worthless conversation

And took a flight through her imagination

Now my only true ambition

Is to get some sleep today

Until I dream of Juniper

I’m useless anyway.


She shows me every hidden room and secret door

And constellations no one else has seen before

It feels like I’ve been rescued

Or I’m being led astray

It don’t matter much to me

I need her either way.



Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg




I think somehow we’ve always been related

Through blood or love, but surely nothing less

We’re Bonnie and Clyde reincarnated

That would have to be my perfect guess

This time, let’s not make another mess


If history’s our script, we can ignore it

Except the part where I have you to hold

A day’s not condemned by those before it

No need to rush headlong to the cold

This time, let’s have fun just growing old



I know we’ll find ourselves in danger now and then

We never learn enough from our mistakes

We’ll be okay when we make the same ones again

If loves keeps all the promises it makes


I know the world’s already got you feeling

Like we could use a peaceful holiday

So let’s count the time we’ve been stealing

And see how far it takes us from today

This time, let’s give love a longer stay



Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg




I met a ghost in Gettysburg

Beside a graveyard gate

Some kid who crashed his Harley there

Back in 1968


A peacenik stuck in limbo

Where the battle never ends

With a bunch of homesick soldier boys

That he now calls his friends


He paid no mind to uniforms

The faded blue or gray

He knew the urge for spilling blood

Had been spirited away


But they’re all slaves to habit

And when the phantom cannons roar

The walk the path that leads them to

A replay of the war



I told them they should all just fly away

Float their souls up to a brilliant light

They said it’s much too steep a climb

For anyone from anytime

When all they’re told is, go toward the fight


He said it’s a disturbing scene

When one of them appears

To any laughing tourist group

Buying plastic souvenirs


A few may run in terror

Or they bow their heads and grieve

While the rest decide a trick of light

Won’t change what they believe





Roger William
Mark Travers - Roger William Eydenberg


For Mom and Dad




There is a candle burning now for you

In a little church in San Antonio

No one can tell me what good it will do

They say I’m faithless

As if I need to know


You’ll have a pray recited, everyday

And a minister will mention you by name

While I’m up north a thousand miles away

I feel no warmth from such a distant flame



But I still know the meaning of a memory

And I‘ll take any comfort I can find

And as I fall asleep tonight

I’ll think of how you’d love that light

And make my dreams a little less unkind



It never feels to me like you’re at rest

In a way you’re busy adding to my doubt

That candle flickers aimlessly at best

It won’t mean anything when it burns out





Roger William
Denise Toth and Roger


Denise and I actually wrote this track back in 1995. "Rediscovered" it this year and decided to re-record it for release. Hope you like it.




I can’t truly see

What’s wrong with me

But then again

My heart keeps telling


I can’t even eat

I toss and turn when I sleep

Hear that voice

Inside of me



You’re just in love 

Wanting it to be

Holding you close to me

It’s nothing to be ashamed of 

It’s a gift from up above

You’re just

You’re just in love


I don’t hear what others say

I think of you night and day

See your face in all I’m doing

But I can’t say a word

If my thoughts were ever heard

Baby I’m the only one 

I’m fooling




It’s something I have to face

Without showing any trace

That, I’m the one

In love

Wouldn’t it be nice

If I could give you

Some advice

Just tell me

You’re just, you’re just in love

You’re just, you’re just in love

You’re just, you’re just in love




Written by Denise Toth and R.W. Eydenberg